Magelang is one city in the province of Central Java. The city is situated in the midst of Magelang regency. Because it was once the capital city of Magelang Magelang District prior to obtaining a policy to manage at home alone as a new city. Magelang city has a strategic position, because it is located on the main route Semarang, Yogyakarta. Magelang is 15 km north Mungkid City, 75 km south of Semarang, and 43 km north of Yogyakarta. Magelang city consists of three districts, namely North Magelang, Magelang Magelang South and Central, which is divided again a number of villages.
Anniversary set based on Regulation Magelang Magelang Regional No. 6 of 1989, that April 11 is the 907th anniversary of the AD. This designation is a follow-up of seminars and discussions held by the Committee for Research Day in collaboration with the University of Magelang Magelang Tidar with historical and archaeological experts assisted the University of Gajah Mada, Drs.MM. Soekarto Kartoatmodjo, equipped with a variety of research at the National Museum and Library-Museum Radya Surakarta. Magelang city began its history as a fief Mantyasih village, which is currently known as Kampung Meteseh in the village of Magelang. Mantyasih itself has a sense of faith in Love. In the village there are currently Meteseh a mortar stone believed to be a place of ceremony establishing Sima or fief.

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